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Not for profit family orientated martial arts school

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Martial arts system

For any enquires call David Wilson on 01322 76 10 12

Teenagers & Adults Martial Arts & Self Defence Classes.

Bushin Self Defence Series 1...


These instructional videos were filmed during self-defence classes.

50 minutes of no-nonsense realistic counter movements from an array of grabs including, throat, head, lapel, arms, and from behind.































Instruction By: David Wilson Hanshi

Assistant (Uke): Dave Walsh Sensei




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Escape From Grabs, Lesson One.

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This video was filmed during a class on Tuesday 29th March 2016 at our Dartford Bushin Kenpo Martial Arts Centre, at nearly 35 minutes long it is more of a short film really.


Our chief instructor David Wilson often sets a theme for the nights training especially on sessions with fewer students training and the theme on this occasion was counter movements and techniques from a chest height grab (or lapel grab). You will notice as you get further into this movie that the entry is the same on nearly all occasions however the techniques to annul the attack are different.


We hope you enjoy this fly on the wall instructional video and find it informative.


This is a non profit movie for general reference and entertainment only.


Instructor: David Wilson 10th Dan Kempo JuJitsu & Bushin Kenpo

Assistant: Dave Walsh 3rdd Dan Bushin Kenpo.
















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