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Rank & Promotion in Bushin Kenpo

Kyu Grades (Student Grades)


In Japanese martial arts, kyū level practitioners hold the ranks below dan or black belt. The kyū ranking system varies from art to art and school to school. In some arts, all the kyū-level practitioners wear white belts while in others different coloured belts, tags or stripes are used; in kendo and aikido there are not usually external indicators of grade. Although some aikido schools do use a coloured belt system the norm is for kyū grades to wear a white belt, and for dan grades to wear a black belt. Kyū-level practitioners are often called mudansha, "ones without dan" and are considered as initiates rather than students. When practitioners have reached the ranking of first degree black belt, they become shodansha. The holder of a black belt of any degree is a yūdansha, "one with dan".



Dan Grades


In the modern Japanese martial arts, holders of dan ranks often wear a black belt, those of higher rank may also wear red-and-white and red belts. Dan ranks are still given in arts such as the strategy board games Go, Renju, the art of flower arrangement (ikebana); and the tea ceremony.


The character of Dan ( dan) is used in Japanese to mean step or grade and is commonly equated with a degree. However, the origin of the Chinese character, spelt duàn in Pinyin, was used to mean "phase". Dan rank is often used along with the lower rank system, Kyū ( Kyū) rank.




















Black Belt Levels


There are ten levels of black belt starting with Shodan which is 1st dan (or degree). On achieving 4th dan (yondan) the Yudansha may wear the red and black belt. At 5th degree and above the yudansha may wear the red and white belt. 8th dan and above may wear the red belt.


The coloured yudansha belts are formal, in Bushin Kenpo we generally wear plain black belts.


Our Adult Belt System


White 8th Kyu

Yellow 7th Kyu

Orange 6th Kyu

Green 5th Kyu

Blue 4th Kyu

Purple 3rd Kyu

Brown 2nd Kyu

Brown / Black 1st Kyu (Shodan Ho)


Shodan (black belt 1st degree)

Black Belt (Dan) Ranks


Shodan 1st Degree Black Belt.

Nidan 2nd degree

Sandan 3rd degree

Yondan 4th degree

Godan 5th degree

Rokudan 6th degree

Shichidan 7th degree

Hachidan 8th degree

Kudan 9th degree

Judan 10th degree

Our 13 to 15 Belt System


White 13th Kyu Mon

Yellow 12th Kyu Mon

Yellow / Black 11th Kyu Mon

Orange 10th Kyu Mon

Orange / Black 9th Kyu Mon

Green 8th Kyu Mon

Green / Black 7th Kyu Mon

Blue 6th Kyu Mon

Blue / Black 5th Kyu Mon

Purple 4th Kyu Mon

Purple / Black 3rd Kyu Mon

Brown 2nd Kyu Mon

Brown / Black 1st Kyu Mon

Black Cadet Shodan