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South Darenth & Horton Kirby Dojo

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S Rogers David Wilson

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Not for profit family orientated martial arts school

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Martial arts system

For any enquires call David Wilson on 01322 76 10 12

Teenagers & Adults Martial Arts & Self Defence Classes.




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Fly On The Wall Training Videos 2: Counters From a Lunge Punch.

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  Call: 01322 76 10 12

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Counter techniques from a lunge punch.


  • Waki Gatame (Armbar), standing version.

  • Kote Gaeshi - Wrist Twist.

  • Shiho-Nage - Four Corner Throw / Projection

  • Gyaku Gamae Ate - Reverse Attack


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Instruction By: David Wilson Hanshi.

                       Stuart Rogers Shihan



















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