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By David Wilson Hanshi, Mar 26 2017 12:08PM


As discussed with several of our Bushin Kenpo Martial Arts Academy members, I am in the process of organising a series of four-hour workshops, the first workshop will be an Aiki workshop. This event will be hosted at my dojo in Kent in June or July 2017. The main topics for this workshop are as follows.

Unsoku Undo and Tandoku Undo, (Knowledge of Foot and Hand Movements).

Use of natural movement to avoid an attack.

Redirection of attackers force.

Ninan Dori (one, two, four, and eight man attack).

Escaping from grabs (arm/wrist grabs, strangles & chokes, headlocks, bear hug, body pinned, etc.

Escaping from an assortment of grabs & use of arresting techniques.

and more....

The course instructors are...

David Wilson Hanshi

9th Dan Kempo JuJitsu, 9th Dan Bushin Kenpo. 8th Dan Ju-Jitsu, 7th Dan Aiki-Jitsu, 6th Dan Ki-Aikido / Ki-Jitsu, Ki. 6th Dan Close Quarter Combat. 1st Dan Hapkido.

Stuart Rogers Shihan

6th Dan Kempo JuJitsu, Bushin Kenpo. 6th Dan Goshin Ju-jitsu, 1st Dan Close Quarter Combat.


Bushin Kenpo Martial Arts Kenpo Dojo. The Village Hall, Horton Road, South Darenth, Kent, DA4 9AX,


Provided the course is well received I envisage hosting three further certificated workshops per year building on the Ai-Ki concept course, with the possibility of grading in Kempo Ju-Jitsu / Bushin Kenpo. Workshop fee is likely to be £22. Date to be confirmed, watch this space. Interested in attending this workshop? let me know. Contact me via facebook or email at

Phone our BKMAA office on 01322 761012. David Wilson's Dojo Website.


Yours In Budo

David Wilson

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