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South Darenth & Horton Kirby Dojo

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S Rogers David Wilson

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Not for profit family orientated martial arts school

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Martial arts system

For any enquires call David Wilson on 01322 76 10 12

Teenagers & Adults Martial Arts & Self Defence Classes.

When starting with us we only expect you to train at a pace that best suits you.


Much of the training in our school is done in a slow but fluid manner which allows you to slowly build up your fitness, speed, and mind and body co ordination.  


Basically, if you listen to the instructor and do not go like the clappers trying to impress the other students you will improve your fitness considerably over a short period of time. If you have any concerns regarding your health it is always advisable to visit your general practitioner (Doctor) before taking part in any physical activities.

About Our Classes

Along with traditional Kenpo our Bushin Kenpo system is designed to deal with all forms of unarmed or armed attacks prevalent within our society today.  Our highly experienced instructors have specialised in a variety of martial art styles.


Getting Fit, Staying Fit

Martial Arts can help to increase fitness levels dramatically. Every martial art uses all parts of the body, helping to build muscle and strengthen joints. Just a couple of sessions a week will help to improve fitness and reduce stress levels significantly.

  • Strikes & Kicks

  • Avoidance Movements

  • Redirection of Attackers Force

  • Throws & Sweeps

  • Arresting Techniques

  • Joint Locking

  • Nerve Holds

  • Ground Fighting

  • Weapons Training

  • Fitness Training